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Blush and Bloom Milk Bath Blush 10 oz Jar

Blush and Bloom Milk Bath Blush 10 oz Jar

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There is nothing more soothing than a warm milk bath! Some of the many benefits include:

-leaves your skin feeling soft and supple

-gentle and soothing on your skin

-contains lactic acid which helps to clean, soften and gently exfoliate your skin
-helps remove dead skin cells to encourages skin cell renewal

-hydrates your skin, helping to prevent dryness and improve your skin's appearance
-thought to reduce darkening skin spots which occurs as your skin ages

Try this Favorite Combo:

Pour Milk Bath into your bath water. Scoop a small amount of Body Scrub onto freshly shaved legs legs and massage to exfoliate + moisturize. This combo of milk and scrub in your bath water will soften you like you’ve never felt before! Absolutely dreamy! 

Time to fill up your tub and soak up all of these beautiful skin benefits! 

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